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  • Avoid These Common Insurance Coverage Gaps and Stay Protected

  • Common gaps in insurance coverage and how you can fix them

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    It’s the nightmare of all Americans: a lifetime of savings eaten up in the blink of an eye due to a horrible accident or unexpected weather event. The unfortunate reality of insurance coverage is that even great policies almost certainly have gaps in their plans. It’s crucial that you are able to identify and remedy the potential gaps in your insurance coverage so that you do not lose a lifetime of savings!

    Flood insurance is not included in your standard homeowner’s insurance

    It is not widely known that flood insurance is not included in normal insurance, whether for homeowners for business-owners. Unlike other natural disasters, flood insurance must be purchased separately. It is especially recommended for those who live in highly flood-prone areas.

    Valuables in your home are not insured

    Unfortunately, homeowner’s insurance only protects a certain amount of contents in one’s home, and that is with extreme amounts of documentation and proof. Very expensive and valuable items – such as precious jewelry or antiques – are probably almost never protected by typical homeowner’s insurance coverage, as there is a limit of value which one can claim. Even content which is not of high monetary value may not be protected or insured if the claim limit is exceeded. It is, therefore, best advised that, if you possess very expensive or valuable items, you purchase High-Value Items Insurance.

    If your business operates from your home, it’s probably not insured

    gap insurance coverage fairview heights illinois

    The Small Business Administration states that approximately half of American businesses are located in the business owner’s home. While it’s possible that your homeowner’s policy extends into your business, it is quite unlikely. This means that customers, clients, equipment, and any staff are not protected by your homeowner’s policy, and that your business is, essentially, uninsured. You can remedy this by purchasing a separate insurance policy for your business.

    At Klein, Merwin, Karrer & Associates, our primary concern is the safety of you and your loved ones. We want you to be protected and secure. We are here to serve you and your insurance needs. For more information on filling in these gaps in your coverage as soon as possible, please contact us.