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  • Get to Know these Common Business Insurance Claims

  • Most common business insurance claims and how you can stay protected in Swansea, IL

    It’s the nightmare of every small business: an insurance claim – often the result of a small accident – seemingly does you and your business in. Klein-Merwin-Karrer & Associates is here to guide you through the most common business insurance claims around, and how you can protect your business in Swansea, IL, from them.

    fire business insurance claim in Swansea Illinois1. Fire

    Fire is among the most common business insurance claims. Unfortunately, fire claims also tend to be quite expensive, ranging from about $30,000 to $40,000. Because these claims are so costly, and fires are so easily started, insurance premiums can be sky-high. For businesses without adequate fire sprinkler systems, insurance premiums are even higher.

    2. Customer injuries

    The most common injuries which result in insurance claims are slips and falls, and they generally occur when the weather is conducive to such accidents. Protect the integrity of your business and ensure the safety of your staff, clients, customers, and self by taking the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that your business is a safe place to be even when the weather isn’t great.

    3. Water damage

    Year after year, water damage is among the top five insurance claims. It accounts for more than 10% of claims. Water damage most often occurs during the winter months, when frozen pipes eventually burst. Additionally, damage may occur when a roof collapses under the weight of heavy snowfall. Additionally, leaks and flooding can cause significant water damage. Be sure to have plumbing, piping, and roofing examined on a regular basis – generally before and after winter.

    4. Theft

    theft business insurance claim in Swansea IllinoisThough not the costliest of claims, theft accounts for 20% of all small business insurance claims. It is especially common for small stores with glass displays in the shop front. Although most small businesses do not have the capital to invest in a high-security system in order to prevent break-ins, there are measures that you can take in order to protect your business from break-ins, such as strong, bright lighting after-hours, securing the shop with an alarm system and effective locks, and using burglar-resistant glass.

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