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  • Top Insurance Risks for the Metro-East Area

  • Be aware of these common insurance risks for the local area

    Every region has its risks, and if you are looking into buying an insurance policy in the Fairview Heights, IL area you are sure to feel the premium pinch when these risks are assessed and taken into consideration by your insurance policy. To keep you better informed, today we are taking a look at some of the top insurance risks in the metro-east area.

    Automotive Risks

    automotive insurance risks fairview heights illinois

    You may have noticed how bad the traffic is lately, but you probably didn’t know how much traffic congestion lends itself to an increase in motor vehicle accidents. Although automobile accidents tend to be more serious at high speeds, it is actually in slow and stalled traffic where it is more likely to occur. A combination of frustration, inattention, and fatigue all compound to create a higher likelihood of accidents during rush hour.

    Health Risks

    When considering how to set life insurance rates, insurers have to take many things into consideration. One of the biggest is the state of public health in the region. Many factors, ranging from air pollution to the rate of heart disease, can end up as a number that is crunched to determine the amount of a premium. A region like the Metro Area of Illinois, which has a fairly average rate for public health, would fair much better than an unhealthy region like Georgia but trail behind a healthier state like Colorado.

    Personal Factors

    health insurance risks fairview heights illinois

    While the first two factors may be somewhat out of your hands, there are some things that you can do in order to ensure a lower premium and more favorable deductibles. Certain personal habits and behaviors influence the decision of insurance companies when they determine your premium. Although such premiums are often tied to age, they can see significant raises for smokers vs non-smokers as well as for those with stressful jobs or who travel often for work.

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