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  • Keep your Belleville, IL area home safe with these security tips

    June 3, 2019 | Blog
  • Top home security tips to protect your home in Belleville, IL

    Home security is more than just having an alarm or a contract with a security company. Both are very good steps to take in protecting your home, but they should only be a part of a comprehensive security plan. A great deal of what makes your home safe is little steps that you take every day to create a safe environment for yourself and your family. Taking this into consideration, today we are going to explore some great steps to take in order to keep your home safe and secure.

    Landscaping makes a big difference

    proper Belleville Illinois landscaping for home security

    It can be said that your yard is your first line of defense. Landscaping your yard in the wrong way can have the effect of making your home less safe. A common trick to discourage housebreakers includes planting thorny or thick shrubbery under windows. Cutting back hedges so that all of your doors and windows are visible from the street can prove just as much of a deterrent.

    Be mindful of social media

    This is one that has become more well known in recent years, but using your social media to announce when you will be absent from your home is a bad idea. Even if it’s a short and regular absence, dedicated thieves can establish a pattern and know when is best to commit a robbery. As you would imagine, announcing your vacation is also a terrible idea.

    Don’t make it easy to enter

    spare keys and home security in Belleville Illinois

    You should never leave your door unlocked and you should never have the key to your home out of your positive control. Putting an extra key in a flower pot or under a mat is an unacceptable breach of these two essential home security fundamentals. If you forget or lose your key, you might as well call the locksmith to let you in, because it’s crucial that you get the lock changed anyway. Keys that are lost can be found, but not always by you.

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