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  • Should my Fairview Heights, IL auto policy include rental car coverage?

    August 5, 2019 | Blog
  • What to know about rental car coverage in the Fairview Heights, IL area

    If you’ve ever had an accident and found out exactly how long it will take to fix that bent fender, you’ll probably know the importance of a rental car. No matter your previous experience renting a car, you can probably imagine that renting a car for a long period of time, such as the weeks that it can take to repair your primary automobile, is a prohibitive expense. The question is whether or not you should pay extra to add rental car coverage to your policy to prepare for this eventuality.

    rental car insurance coverage in Fairview Heights Illinois

    What is rental car coverage?

    Rental coverage is often referred to as rental reimbursement, as you are the one who rents the vehicle but the insurer reimburses you for the expense either directly to the rental company or to your bank account. It may pay for all or part of the cost depending on the policy. This is usually restricted to the number of days that it actually takes to repair the vehicle for damage covered by the claim, not any additional days of rental you may take after repairs are completed. It is an optional insurance product and may have the effect of raising your monthly premium.

    Should you pay extra for reimbursement of your rental costs?

    Fairview Heights Illinois rental car coverage and reimbursement of costs

    Deciding whether or not to include rental car coverage in your policy is a personal decision. For example, if you are reasonably certain that you would have another means to get to work and take care of any other transportation needs even in the event of an accident (public transportation, a second car, etc) than rental reimbursement may not be the best investment for you. However, if your policy is for your only vehicle and it is virtually your only way to get around the city than rental coverage may be a necessity you can’t do without.

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