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  • Long term care and insurance in Troy, Illinois

    November 17, 2020 | Blog
  • For Some, Unfortunately, Retirement isn’t a Day at the Beach

    Retirement planning includes resources for recreation and daily living after work has ended. Still, it also needs to cover the possibility that one or both members of a couple may need additional care. This may involve in-home healthcare providers, or it may consist of relocating to a long-term care facility designed to meet their daily living needs when they are unable to care for themselves entirely.

    Enjoying Life at a More Relaxed Pace

    When long-term care is needed, life can still be enjoyable, but in a more limited and higher-cost way than might have been planned. This can add a lot of emotional stress to life, and without proper planning, it can add a considerable financial burden as well. A combination of informed life insurance and health insurance choices plus additional coverage can make the transition to long-term care easier.

    Long-Term Care Insurance Stands by to Help

    As part of retirement planning, residents of Troy, Illinois, can obtain insurance coverage, which helps meet the specific needs of those receiving long-term care. This coverage helps remove the specter of helplessness and exhaustion that has been associated with the extensive needs of one or both partners. In many cases, even the additional help of friends and family members eventually becomes insufficient to maintain a somewhat healthy life, especially when remaining at home.

    Shaping the Uncertain Future

    As Americans live longer, they face the increasing possibility that they will need long-term care and concerns about whether retirement resources will last. If one partner needs expensive care, it can limit what savings are available for the other partner. If both receive care together, retirement savings can be quickly depleted if there’s no insurance to turn to. Turning to public benefits alone for senior care can force difficult choices.

    A Non-Financial Benefit of Long-Term Care

    For everyone in the family, when long-term care steps in, it takes the burden off of providing daily care. Everyone who is stepping in and providing house cleaning, pet care, laundry, even bathing and meal preparation can relax and step back, visiting to enjoy the time together rather than to meet obligations of care for their aging relative. Whether long-term care insurance provides for “aging in place” in the family home or provides the means for care in a specialized facility, it helps lower the family’s stress by allowing wise choices.