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  • Finding The Perfect Rental Car Insurance in O’Fallon, Illinois.

    January 4, 2021 | Blog
  • Rental Car Insurance

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    Are you wondering if you need to spend the extra money on rental car insurance? Are you questioning if it is even necessary? It might be common for you to say you don’t need it. While you may feel this is true it may be an option to look at and consider for the future.

    What Is It and What Insurance Do I Need?

    Rental car insurance can be used to cover damages that may happen in case of a car crash or if your rental car was stolen or even vandalized. It’s a great thing to have because if you did experience one of these issues without rental car you may find the rental car company trying to charge you for the damages done.

    So how do you know what insurance to get? Do you get rental car insurance or use your own insurance policy? The thing is when using your own insurance, you may not be covered for some accidents that may happen. So why would buying direct rental car insurance be beneficial?

    Direct Coverages

    When you get direct rental car insurance there are coverages that they can cover that your normal insurance policy may not.

    • Loss/Collision damage waiver
    • Liability
    • Personal accident insurance
    • Personal effects coverage

    When Do I Need It?

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    When you are already cover you may not want to get extra rental insurance. But, how would you know if you really need it or not? That’s where we come in handy. The first thing to consider is if you do not have car insurance.

    If this is the case, then it might be a good idea to invest in rental car insurance to protect yourself from something that could happen. Maybe if you are traveling for business you may want to consider getting it. If you are having to use a rental car to travel abroad, it would be a great idea. Most times your normal insurance will not cover you outside the United States so investing in rental insurance would be beneficial on your part. You may even consider getting it so that if the day were to come that you needed it you would not have to sit there worrying about not being covered.

    Deciding on the type of insurance you need and want can always be an exhausting task, talking with an expert at Klein-Merwin-Karrer & Associates can help you with all insurance questions.