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  • What You Need To Know About Life Insurance in Fairview Heights IL

    February 8, 2021 | Blog
  • Life Insurance 101 – A guide for those in Fairview Heights, IL.

    When it comes to life insurance there are a lot of things that need to be accounted for when choosing which one is best for you. There are multiple things you should think about, but we will cover some basic important parts.


    Affordability is one of the first things to look at when deciding on life insurance and which one works for you. With the different types of life insurance, you’re obviously going to get a range of prices, large or small. You need to take into account what you can afford and what would be the best bang for your buck. It’s also good to have affordable insurance in case life gets hard and you cannot afford it in the future.

    Applying for Life Insurance

    Living Benefits

    Another important rule when trying to find the best life insurance is to look at the benefits. A lot of newer policies make it possible to receive benefits while you are living. If you end up getting a chronic illness or are placed in a care facility you may be able to receive your benefits. Regardless of if you are looking at living benefits or not, it is also important to look at all the benefits that life insurance gives you. You don’t want to end up with an expensive life insurance policy that serves no cost.

    Life Insurance Type

    There are three main different types of life insurance that you can choose from. Each of them costs different, cover different things, and just overall are fit for different lifestyles.

    Term Life

    Life Insurance Agent

    Term life insurance is basically how it sounds, it covers a term of your life period. A typical term can be around 20 years, and these are typically your cheapest forms of life insurance policies. The con to this life insurance is that it does not build cash value you won’t make anything once it ends.

    Whole Life

    This policy again sounds like its name. It covers you until you pass away and includes death benefits. With this type of life insurance, you usually have scheduled payments and it does build a cash value.

    Universal Life

    With universal life insurance, you basically follow the same idea as your whole life. The exception to this, however, is you can increase your death benefits with the help of a medical exam. You can also make investments in this. There is a lot to consider when trying to find out what kind of life insurance you need, that’s why if you ever have any questions, you can call Klein-Merwin-Karrer & Associates for any help you need in Fairview Heights, Illinois!