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  • Understanding Your Car Insurance After an Accident in Collinsville, Illinois.

    March 8, 2021 | Blog
  • Accidents and Car Insurance in Collinsville, Illinois:

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    When you get in a car accident it’s no surprise that it will probably affect your insurance rates. Making claims after an accident is important, but it’s also important to know how it may affect you and what you should do and not do to make sure your car insurance does not skyrocket.

    Increased Rates:

    Depending on your insurance company, rates will be different following an at-fault accident. Some common ones are Nationwide which is typical $181 per month, or Progressive which can be $231 per month. Some other insurances can run at lower or higher rates than these. Progressive is the highest change between all companies, increasing a solid 73% from the previous rate that was first charged before the accident.

    Lowering Your Rates:

    The rates are up, but how do you get them back down? Well, increased rates can typically last anywhere up to 5 years. It all really just depends on your insurance company and the details of the accident. Some companies may have an accident forgiveness practice that you can ask about. This is when the insurance will not raise after your accident if you were at fault. This is usually only a one-time thing. Other ways to lower your insurance are to consider your deductible, avoid filing claims for small things, and/or increase your credit score. All these things can make a difference in your insurance rates after an accident. But, if none of these work for you, you can always shop around for other plans. As we noticed, all insurance companies are different, and you can get different rates from another company. Don’t hesitate to use plan B if plan A doesn’t work!

    Claims Not to Make:

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    As we are on the topic of lowering rates, we should also cover claims you should not make so your rates don’t increase. A lot of the time when people call their insurance company after an accident to make a claim, they don’t know the right or wrong things to say. It is good to know that when making claims, a bodily injury claim will be one of the first to make your car insurance rates skyrocket. Most of the time there claims typically skyrocket anywhere close to 50 percent. Just remember to be careful when you’re filing claims to make sure you don’t have your insurance rise even more than you need. If you ever have questions Call our Collinsville, Illinois office for advice.