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  • Home Insurance and Replacement Cost in Troy, Illinois.

    April 5, 2021
  • All About Replacement Cost With Troy IL Home Insurance

    home insurance

    Homeowners’ insurance is essential to ensure if something were to happen, you are covered on the damages. However, most policies don’t completely cover all your personal property damages. That is why it is beneficial to get replacement cost coverage. Without replacement cost coverage, you’re not getting the full amount of payment for your lost or damaged property. In fact, you will be getting less than what you paid for, for a majority of the items, which is not what you want to hear after a devastating event. Here are our tips on home insurance.

    How Do I Get It?

    So, how do I get replacement cost coverage? The easiest route to this is asking your home insurance company if they offer it, especially when looking for a new company, ALWAYS ask the questions! If you are not shopping for a new insurance company, you can always look in the conditions of your current insurance if you do not know the answer to if they cover replacement costs or if they do actual cost value.

    Extended Or Guaranteed

    When looking for replacement cost coverage in your home insurance company, see if they offer extended or guaranteed versions. If this is possible, it means that you could have extra protection. This is always the best, who does not love extra coverage and protection on their personal belongings?


    This type of replacement cost covers the costs when rebuilding your home. Not only that, but it also ensures that you get extra coverage if the original amount does not cover all the costs. This extra amount can be anywhere from 25 to 50 percent extra.


    home insurance

    This replacement cost is the best option. This will cover all the rebuilding costs and it does not even matter what your dwelling coverage limit is. You are able to add this to your standard policy for a little extra cost, but in the end, it is worth it, to have extra protection on all your personal belongings.

    Overall, replacement cost coverage is a good add-on to make sure you are getting the best coverage on your personal belongings if you end up having a disaster in your Troy, Illinois home. Talking to your insurance company about these options is the best start. When you call our office, we can walk you through all the right steps to make sure you are getting the best care.