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  • What is an Insurance Declaration Page?

    August 17, 2021 | Blog Insurance
  • For residents in Troy, IL an insurance declaration page is a document they fill out. An insurance declaration page is the first page that you see on your insurance policy document that includes very key information about your specific insurance policy. Whatever type of insurance you can think of may it be your car, home, life, or so on, they all come with this certain page. On your declaration page, you will find basic information that could help you file a certain claim such as your covered limits as well as deductibles.

    declaration page

    Parts of a Declaration Page

    Your declaration page or DEC page for short is a single source of information for specific details that are related to your insurance policy. Specific documentation can be difficult for most people to understand, so having a DEC page makes it super easy to access your most important information as quickly as possible.

    Depending on your specific policy, your DEC page could possibly be several pages long at most and always at the front of your insurance documents. Wanting to know what is specifically on your DEC page? Certain things that are typically included are;

    • The Policy Number.
    • Policy start and end date.
    • Contact information for the policyholder
    • Premium.
    • Named insureds on the specific policy.
    • Other named insureds.
    • Insurance provider information.
    • How to report a specific claim.
    • Property details.
    • Coverages.
    • The type of policy.
    • Coverage limits.
    • Deductible
    • Endorsements
    • Discounts

    This can seem like a very overwhelming amount of information. However, most DEC pages are as user-friendly as they can be. It is easy to find certain information that you are looking for. If you have any questions about the information listed on your specific declaration page, please feel free to contact your insurance provider.

    Why is there a need for a DEC page?

    One of the main reasons why someone would get their declaration page is to review their policy information. There are a few situations when this is helpful. For instance, if you need to possibly file a claim, the information on your DEC page can help you understand the process that needs to be handled, who will be contacted, and what will be covered.

    Declaration Page

    How Can I Get a Declaration Page?

    When you purchase an insurance policy, you will be given a number of different documents. Which will include a declaration page. If you have any questions about declaration pages or need other insurance advice contact us at Klein, Merwin, Karrer & Associates today!