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  • Submitting a Claim or Paying Out of Pocket?

    October 19, 2021 | Blog Insurance
  • Car Accidents are very unpredictable and can cause so much stress and a bunch of problems. Not only could you total your car, but you could also get injured and need medical treatment. Beyond all of that, getting into any crash also comes with the price of your car insurance going up. Even in some cases where the cause of the accident was not in any way your fault.

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    Experiencing a Car Accident: What to do When?

    In all honesty, car insurance is already so expensive. Since this is something you can’t control, after an accident, many drivers will go back and forth on whether or not to file a car insurance claim. There can be different situations where you can get away with paying for the damages out of pocket, however, when the damage is very serious, filing a claim maybe your best option.  It also can be hard to determine exactly how much your rate will increase after an accident. In most situations, your insurance company will account for the seriousness of the accident and your claim history to then determine how your rate will increase.

    If filing a claim is the route that you are wanting to take, the insurance company will not raise your rate right away. Any policy changes will go into effect at the end of your renewal period. In other words, if you have a claim shortly after your policy starts, you can go up to an entire year without seeing the result of a raised rate.

    Like said before, there are ways to go about paying out of pocket. However, there are potential repercussions if you decide not to file a claim after an accident. After every crash, no matter how minor, it is always best to report a claim. Without doing so, you could risk losing coverage all together.

    Things to Take into Consideration

    Before deciding whether to file or not, there are things to take into consideration. You always want to base your decision on the number of people that were involved in the accident. Who was at fault and the total cost of the damages? Whatever you choose to do research is always key. Making sure that you and your loved ones are covered and protected is a top priority. With that being said, always make sure with your insurance provider on what is the very best for you.

    If you need more information about car accident insurance coverage, make sure to contact one of our professionals at Klein, Merwin, Karrer & Associates.