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  • Consequences of Driving in Fairview Heights, IL Without Insurance

    November 16, 2021 | Blog Insurance
  • Getting into a car crash can be a scary situation. However, if you can auto insurance, you can bet that your damages and medical bills will be covered. In most of the states, driving without car insurance is illegal. This includes those who live in Fairview Heights, IL. Yet not every driver has proper insurance. Driving without any insurance at all is a risk for serious consequences. If you get into an accident without insurance or the ability to cover damages, you’ll definitely have to pay a hefty fee. With, fines vary state by state, but in the end, it will be significantly more expensive than even the minimum amount of insurance that is required where you live.


    Caught Driving Without Insurance?

    Getting caught driving without insurance multiple times will come with severe penalties. On top of hefty fines, your driver’s license could possibly get suspended, your care could get impounded, or even in some cases, must serve jail time. In a situation where you cause an accident and the other driver is faced with medical bills or vehicle damage, you would be responsible for paying any of those fees out of your own pocket. Being on the other side of an accident without insurance could mean that you would have no coverage to pay for any losses.

    Breaking a traffic rule and getting caught without car insurance can also mean harsher consequences. Fines can vary state by state but always end in a ticket. If you admit to driving uninsured, the officer will write a ticket. If you pretend to have left the papers at home, you will still get a ticket. In some states, the cost of the fine of driving without insurance can be even more expensive than a standard car insurance premium.

    Wrapping it Up


    Driving without insurance is never a good idea to being with. There are way too many risks and worse consequences than having even the simplest of plans. Getting caught without insurance can and will lead to expensive fines and worse penalties if it is not the first time that this has happened. In conclusion, it is cheaper to simply pay for car insurance than risk having to pay fees of a ticker, get your car impounded, your license suspended, or jail time. Take the time to choose a plan to make sure you and your loved ones are always covered when driving anywhere need be. If you or a loved one need to talk about insurance advice look no further than us at Klein, Merwin, Karrer, & Associates.