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  • Submitting a Claim or Paying Out of Pocket?

    Car Accidents are very unpredictable and can cause so much stress and a bunch of problems. Not only could you total your car, but you could also get injured and need medical treatment. Beyond all of that, getting into any crash also comes with the price of your car insurance going up. Even in some cases where the cause of the accident was not in any way your fault. Experiencing a Car [...]

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    Swimming Pools and Your Fairview Heights, IL Home Insurance

    Wanting to join the fun this summer by getting your Fairview Heights, IL home a new swimming pool? Sounds like a plan! Just keep in mind that what you need from your home insurance provider is going to change if you make that choice. You will want to increase your liability if you get one since a pool can create a liability that you will have to pay for. If you are considering adding a pool to[...]

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    What is an Insurance Declaration Page?

    For residents in Troy, IL an insurance declaration page is a document they fill out. An insurance declaration page is the first page that you see on your insurance policy document that includes very key information about your specific insurance policy. Whatever type of insurance you can think of may it be your car, home, life, or so on, they all come with this certain page. On your declaration [...]

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    Life Insurance 101 in Collinsville, IL

    Do you have life insurance? Have you made a plan to protect yourself and your assets? Like most insurances, life insurance is also an important one to have. It will help your family continue on with life after your passing. It is an important thing to think about and choosing the right policy can be difficult. We can help you learn about the costs and lowering them as well. Learning The [...]

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    Finding Homeowners Insurance for Your Fairview Heights, IL Home

    Homeowners Insurance Homeowners insurance is as easy as it sounds. This insurance policy promises coverage for your house. Like most insurances, you pay monthly to stay covered. In turn, you get reimbursed if damages occur and things in your home need replaced. Homeowners insurance does not cover everything, but they do cover a lot. Some of the common policies include dwelling, personal [...]

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